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Complete Range  Master  Preference  Menu 

Consumers may wish to take the easy option and use a master preference menu rather than a weekly one.

Consumers are welcome to indicate all their meal preferences from our complete range, and then Centenary Meals on Wheels will use this master for their on-going meal selection.

Preferences and combinations of main, soup and dessert may be changed by consumers at any time.

Contact Centenary Meals on Wheels for a copy.

  GF- Gluten Free, S - Soft, Pureed - Pureed     SOUPS  
  BEEF     Chicken & vegetable                                GF
  Roast beef, mash potato, roast pumpkin, peas GF   Pumpkin soup GF,P
  Spaghetti Bolognaise, zucchini, eggplant & leek S   Pea & Ham GF
  Corned beef white sauce, mash potato, cauliflower GF   Minestrone                               
  Beef goulash, steamed potato, Brussel sprouts GF,S   Chicken & corn GF
  Cottage pie, mash topped with cheese GF,S   Chicken noodle  
  BBQ sausage, pan fried potato, broccoli, baked beans S   Tomato soup GF
  Beef rissole, potato bake, beans, carrots, corn GF   Beef & vegetable  GF
  Beef pot roast, mash potato, carrots, peas GF   Corn & bacon chowder GF
  Beef Stroganoff, mash potato, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, mushroom GF,S   Potato & leek GF
  Beef casserole, mash, baked pumpkin, & peas GF,S       DESSERTS   
POULTRY   Bread & butter pudding, baked custard, toasted almonds  
  Chicken & mushroom, roast potato, beans GF,S   Sticky date, dates, caramel sauce  
  Sweet & Sour chicken, rice & mixed vegetables GFS   Pavlova, mango, kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries GF
  Chicken curry, rice, beans, capsicum GF,S   Double chocolate pudding  
  Roast chicken breast, cream potato, carrots & peas GF   Lemon cheesecake GF
  Chicken casserole, roast potato & broccoli GF,S   Tiramisu chocolate cake, espresso & orange cheesecake GF
  Honey soy chicken, stir fry rice & vegetables GF,S   Berry crumble  
  Chicken breast mango, roast potato & mix vegetables GF   Teacake & custard  
  Turkey chicken stir fry mince, noodles & Asian veg GF,S   Rice pudding with vanilla & cinnamon GF
PORK   Apple crumble  
  Pork sausage, gravy, mash, carrots, peas GF,S   Light Chocolate Mousse  
  Pork roast, gravy, pumpkin mash, cauliflower, broccoli GF      
  Pork steak Diane, cream potato, cauliflower, cabbage, mushroom GF      
  Lamb roast, gravy, roast potato, pumpkin, broccoli GF      
  Lamb casserole, mash, broccoli, cauliflower GF,S    PUREED MEALS- Entire Meal Pureed smooth-P
  Lamb Bourguignon, sw potato bake, baby beans GF,S   Lamb roast, gravy, roast potato, pumpkin, broccoli GF,P
FISH   Chicken mushroom, sweet pot, green peas GF,P
  Barramundi lemon butter, rice, broccoli & carrots GF,S   Roast beef, cream potato, pumpkin, peas GF,P
  Crumbed fish & wedges, carrots, corn peas, tartare     Corned beef white sauce, mash, cauliflower GF,P
  Curried prawns, mild curry, Asian greens & rice GF S   Roast Chicken breast, pumpkin mash & peas GF,P
VEGETARIAN   Lamb casserole, cream potato, carrots & broccoli GF,P
  Brown rice vegie pattie, potato gratin, bean, carrot & corn GF,S   Cottage pie, mash potato, & cheese GF,P
  Pumpkin curry, rice, broccoli, beans, capsicum GF,S   Roast pork, gravy, pumpkin mash, broccoli GF,P
  Falafel risotto, falafel balls, creamy vegetable risotto GF,S   Barramundi lemon butter, cream potato, carrots, peas GF,P
  Macaroni, apple sauce, caramel onion, carrots, broc S      
  Mushroom casserole, creamy mush, mash potato, & spinach GF,S      

Please note:

Our weekly menus give consumers a choice of 10 main meals, the complete range of soups and desserts, to select from each week.

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